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Platza and Scrubs

Unique, ancient and powerful, the Russian Bath Platza (or “venik” massage) relaxes the mind, awakens the skin and relieves everyday aches and pains through traditional methods. 

The Venik

Fully-grown leaves of birch, oak or eucalyptus are bundled together and soaked in warm water for about 20 minutes.  A quick 10-minute second soak in hot water makes the venik soft and fragrant, providing an organic aromatherapy throughout the platza.

The Platza

Using the prepared venik and authentic ancient techniques, our trained Platza Therapists massage you from head to toe, creating a pathway to ultimate wellness.

First the therapist lightly flutters the venik like butterfly wings just above your body, warming your skin.  Once your skin is heated, the venik is gently pressed against your body and brushed from side to side from your neck to toes and back again.  Next, the venik is shaken high in the air to gather more heat and then firmly pressed against the waist, shoulders, feet or knees for a few seconds, compressing heat into the joints.  Finally, as if in a gentle breeze, the soft leaves lightly slide and slap against the skin with an intermingling of stroking and compression techniques. 

When you return to the Russian Bath for a second platza, the venik is firmly pressed into your skin and rubbed in circular movements.  The therapy finishes with two veniks pressed into your waist and pulled in opposite directions to stretch the body.

The Health Benefits

A platza massage enhances the purifying health benefits of the Russian Bath through the specific use of the venik and the traditional massage techniques.  As the platza improves circulation and strengthens metabolism, the venik leaves release organic phytoncides, decreasing the growth and development of pathogens in the body.  Essential oils are also released, preventing premature aging of the skin.

Birch and oak veniks are the most popular and for good reason.  The Birch venik acts as an expectorant, widening small bronchi for an easier release of phlegm from the respiratory system.  Breathing seems magically cleared after a Birch venik.  Muscle and joint pains are also relieved with Birch veniks and wounds heal quicker once its leaves cleanse the skin.   Birch leaves also boast essential oils, tanning substances, vitamins C and A and can strengthen hair and destroy dandruff.  The essential oils of the Oak venik transform oily skin into smooth, supple skin and acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent.  The aroma from soft, fragrant oak leaves soothes the mind, washing stress away.

Platza Service starts at $30 per session.

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